Here’s a list of some of the people who are already supporting my efforts to join the St. Louis Park School Board. This list will be updated regularly. If you want to be added to the list, contact the campaign at

And, don’t forget to check the In the media page, which includes letters to the editor from some of these supporters.

Teachers union

I have the support and recommendation of Park Association of Teachers, Local 7255

School board

Nancy Gores, current school board chair

Joe Tatalovich, current school board member

Pam Rykken, former school board member

Bruce Richardson, former school board member

Julie Sweitzer, former school board member

Jim Yarosh, former school board member

PTO’s and site councils

Julie Yakes, St. Louis Park Middle School Site Council chair

Sandy Nevinski, St. Louis Park Middle School site council committee chair

Meta Webb, Park Spanish Immersion Elementary PTO co-chair

Rachel Bohn, Aquila Elementary PTO chair

Sarah Schwab, former Aquila Elementary PTO chair

Erika Thorsen Scott, former Susan Lindgren Elementary PTSO chair


Jake Spano, mayor

Gail Dorfman, former mayor of St. Louis Park and former Hennepin County commissioner

Ryan Winkler, state representative, District 46A

Rachel Harris, city council member

Parents, community members and friends

Jen Kos

Nick Vournakis

Richard Webb

Matt Flory

Melissa Flory

Brian Shekleton

Jenna Covey

Bob Oleisky

Marcia Oleisky

Lisa Stein

Josh Schwab

Amanda Munoz

Hazzen Munoz

Madeline Riggs

Kent Riggs

Michelle Drenckhahn

Derek Barto

Sarah Barto

Christine Johnson

Sara Maaske

Carson Dallum

Joanna Dallum

Mark Reuter

Susie Dorsey

Michael Grage

Andrea Grage

Marshall Thompson

Holly Thompson

Lena LoPesio

Elizabeth Bryant

Gabe Skelly

Angela Skelly

Tim Skogen

Patrick Baldwin

Megan Koepke

Anna Youngerman

Tom Horner

Courtney Jordan Baechler

Kent Carlson Bishop

Carisa Carlson Bishop

Kelley Houlihan

Dan Casar

Leah Dale

Lisa Vehe

Dave Stanke

Stephen Shauger

Paul Moore

I have received a DFL resolution of support from Senate District 46.