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Letters to the Editor

St. Louis Park School Board chair endorses Morrison, McClendon, Wilsey and Cox,” by Nancy Gores, current school board chair

C. Colin Cox has served the district as co-chair of the Vote Yes Committee and as a member of the Learning Design Team for our facility updates. His son attended Aquila and is currently a St. Louis Park Middle School student.”

Tatalovich endorses Cox and Wilsey for St. Louis Park School Board,” by Joe Tatalovich, current school board member

Colin Cox and Heather Wilsey have shown through their careers and community involvement that they care deeply about students. Additionally, I believe they have the characteristics needed to be successful board members.”

Cox is the kind of person the St. Louis Park School Board needs,” by Tom Horner

 All three of our adults kids are homeowners in St. Louis Park. Our one granddaughter (and, we hope, more to come!) will one day be a St. Louis Park student, so I feel deeply invested in maintaining and enhancing the quality of schools in St. Louis Park. Over the past two decades, I have had the opportunity to work directly with Colin Cox in a variety of roles and to see him in action as a parent, in the community and in his professional life. What I know about Colin is that he is a respectful person, one who listens to all and a person passionate about the quality of education.”

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Cox is passionate about St. Louis Park Schools,” by Meta Webb

Working alongside him on both the Learning Design Team and the Vote Yes Committee, I saw Colin dive in and ask the tough questions to get answers, seeking full understanding before making a decision. He is open to new ideas, learns from best practices and excels at forward thinking.”

Cox is an ambassador for all children,” by Tim Skogen

He is a great ambassador of all children. He understands that each child is unique and learns in a different way. I have seen his belief that each child has limitless potential if given the opportunity to thrive in action.

Vote for Cox for St. Louis Park School Board,” by Michael Javinsky-Wenzek

Colin is the kind of father we want on our school board. He will make sure your sons and daughters get the education they deserve…Colin and I have had many conversations about what it takes to raise responsible, engaged citizens and train our Minnesota workforce for the future. Colin has my vote for sure, and I encourage you to give him yours, too.”

Colin Cox is dedicated to St. Louis Park schools,” by Kent Riggs

I’ve known Colin for a number of years, and he has consistently demonstrated that he is dedicated to the SLP community, our schools and all children through his many volunteer activities and overall community involvement.”

Support Colin Cox for St. Louis Park School Board,” by Julie Yakes

He thoughtfully listens and then asks deeper questions to ensure all angles are considered.”

Cox would be perfect for the school board“, by Michelle Drenckhahn

He’s exactly what I expect, and want, a school board member to be. He’s perfect for the job – really perfect”

Support Colin Cox for St. Louis Park School Board,” by Matt Flory

Colin has served on district committees for school start times and school facilities demonstrating both his willingness to provide input but also his openness to learn what other community members think.”

Press coverage

Six have filed for St. Louis Park School Board” – Sun Sailor, August 6

I’m looking forward to meeting with residents – young and old, long-time or new, parents or non-parents – to learn what’s important to them and share my vision for our amazing St. Louis Park schools,” Cox said.

Letters to the Editor, authored by Colin

Sense of community courses through Aquila Elementary School in St. Louis Park” – Sun Sailor, June 13

I am extremely proud that we have such great schools here in St. Louis Park. And while I am sad to be leaving Aquila as a parent, I am excited for the next chapter at the middle school. And I am excited that my son will meet new friends from our three other great elementary schools.”

Do it right at the St. Louis Park nature center” – Sun Sailor, May 3, 2018

The smart way we in St. Louis Park are investing in our learning and recreational facilities will pay dividends for the years to come and be rewarding beyond what we can imagine.”