Letters that came in too late

I was fortunate to have so many wonderful letters of support in the Sun Sailor.

There were a few that didn’t make the cut for one reason or the other (you’ll need to check in with the Sun about the reasons why.)

But I thought it would be great for you to see these other letters of support, too.

To the editor: 

I first met “Shep’s dad” during Kids Place pick-ups and drop-offs at Aquila Elementary. Through PTO meetings, Aquila Theater Arts, and other extra curricular activities, I quickly learned that Colin Cox is a connector: connecting people to information, to ideas, and to each other. 

During the school start times study, Colin not only examined the research, but he also sought out the opinions and experiences of our Aquila families. He even waded into the on-line conversations on Nextdoor to share what he knew about the process and listen to the concerns of others. He is able to balance both the theoretical and practical aspects of decision making, considering the views of families from across the Park. 

I am confident that Colin Cox’s collaborative and curious approach will be an asset to the St. Louis Park school board. 

Please join me in voting for Colin Cox on November 5. 

Amanda Munoz

To the editor

Colin Cox will be one of my choices when I vote for St. Louis Park School Board next week, and I’m hoping he will be one of yours, too. I’ve known Colin since I moved here six years ago, and now that my two children are students at Peter Hobart Elementary, I’d feel good about having someone with his dedication to the district on the school board.

Colin has already worked on difficult issues like the new school start and end times and the 2017 bond referendum. He also recently took time to talk through with me some more general thoughts I have as a Peter Hobart parent and I came away impressed by the breadth of his knowledge of everything our schools are facing and also his commitment to the values that I think ought to be reflected in our schools. 

He seems to really grasp the importance of things like policies of inclusiveness and expanded mental health services that help teachers reach all kids. When we all care so deeply about our own children, it’s easy to overlook the hundreds of other children who may have different experiences or struggles. Colin sees our schools as resources for everyone, not just families with time and energy to spare. 

As a busy parent, I also think Colin’s communicative style will serve us all well, because it can be difficult to keep up with all the important work being done in our schools. Include Colin on your ballot, and we’ll have one more first-rate public servant on the school board. 

Patrick Baldwin

Shep and his dad (mentioned above)

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