Seeing progress, sharing ideas and listening to things that need to be better.

This week has felt a bit like riding on a roller coaster.

I am really excited about how the campaign is doing. People are showing their support in name and donations. Lawn signs are on their way. And, everyone is staying positive.

It’s been great to see my fellow candidates for school board in action, like I did at the Susan Lindgren Elementary PTO meeting on Tuesday. The PTO invited all the candidates to come and speak. Not everyone could make it, as the others had conflicts (including their own home school PTO meetings to attend). I really appreciated hearing from the four other candidates in attendance.

And, I appreciated sitting in on the PTO meeting. When I go to PTO and site council meetings like this, it’s clear we have invested staff and interested parents across the district.

I also had conversations with three parents this week that are being failed by our schools. These are all parents who love SLP schools, but are having at least one pretty major issue that has made them rethink their relationship with the schools. It’s all pretty hard stuff to hear. I am taking in each and every one of these conversations and thinking about where the opportunities are for us to do better — regardless of whether I am elected to the school board.

One of the most uplifting moments was when I stopped by my son’s former school, Aquila, for their PTO open house. Principal Shelley Nielsen gave me a peek of the improvements around the school. I snapped some photos, but you really must see it — and even touch and try out the furniture — in person. I am extremely grateful for the people of St. Louis Park for overwhelmingly passing the referendum.

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