Registering the kid for middle school

While I am a candidate for St. Louis Park school board, I am also a parent. And last night was the first ever middle school registration night that I have attended.

As evidenced by my tie in the picture below, it was a whirlwind event.

My son, Shepard, with his mom and me.

It really was a great evening. You could feel the enthusiasm of everyone there — from students to staff to teachers to parents.

Beyond going to the various stations to drop forms and get photos, we got to take in the whole building.

We got to wander the halls, find classrooms and learn how to work those lockers (an eighth grader named Jake helped us with the trick of opening them).

We even got to meet one of Shepard’s teachers, Mr. Plantz, who was very welcoming.

And, I think we’re now ready for this.

I am so proud of all of our schools and especially excited to learn more about and experience St. Louis Park Middle School. And figure by the end of the school year, my tie may settle down some.

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