Getting a better sense of it all

The actual campaign season has just gotten underway, but my journey to run for school board started a while back.

Starting last fall, I set out to meet with all current and a few former school board members. It was just about two months ago I wrapped up my conversations with current board members. (And, I’d still like to connect with some other former board members).

While I spent some time sharing my experiences and interests, a larger component of what I did was listened. I heard about what it is like to move from involved parent to school district decision maker. I began to see the levels of involvement and opportunities once elected to the school board. I started to see that while their opportunities, there are also challenges.

I also got a deeper sense of what has been the driving factor for people to pursue being on the school board and what they have become passionate about — gender inclusion, greater diversity, funding for special education, extra curriculars, mental health and general wellness — and more.

It’s helping me get a better sense of what all is involved and what all is needed, as I continue to listen to parents and community members share their ideas. This past week, I listened to parents at the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) meeting and at the City of St. Louis Park’s Neighborhood Leader and Block Captain BBQ (I am the outgoing chair of South Oak Hill).

And, the journey continues. Glad to have you following along. Send me a note if you’d like. And, if you haven’t already, you can also share a contribution. Our online donation system is up and working now. Visit the donate page for more information.

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